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tv advertisement on a child's mind

By tonyacraft82 Feb 24, 2014 1147 Words

Using Chores to Educate our Youth

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Latonya Jones

Education is present in a child’s life way before the schooling process begins because it is at this stage that a sense of responsibility is taught. The way that these lessons are instilled into the child is by the assigning of chores. The educating of our youth by using chores is something that I believe should be adopted by all the parents of the world if this is not already utilized. Now the age that you feel your child is capable of handling the responsibilities that you decide to give them are solely up to you and it varies within each household. Most parents stand by these four words “The sooner the better.” These particular parents start to give their child or children chores at the early age of 2 years old. The shaping and molding of a child at such a young age is a great idea and it will help to educate them. Chores can mold your child into being a well-educated individual because it teaches them responsibility and organization. Doing creative things with your child is important as it helps to teach them other skills. Most kids will do great at school and will succeed by using their creative skills. When you decide to assign chores you must be sure not to overload your child/children because the only response that you will receive is rebellion and this is definitely not the direction you want this to go. In fact what we are doing by assigning chores is educating our child/children. The lesson that we are teaching them if done correctly will last them throughout their lives where they can in turn teach their children the same lesson that they were taught as a youth. With every chore given there comes another lesson along with it. If you are one of the many parents that want to start your child’s teaching of these lessons at the early ages of 2-3 then the chores assigned would be like helping with cleaning up messes or making up their beds and putting their toys back in their appropriate places. With these particular chores you are getting a head start in the development of your child’s future. By teaching the lessons of responsibility and cleanliness and most of all organization, teaching these lessons on a daily basis will surely instill the sense of responsibility in a youth mind, build character, and put a positive spin on the youth’s behavior and also increases good habits through their growth. In order for all these lessons that you are educating you youths to receive and sustained then you should never forget that they are learning from you. With that being said you are teaching them how to do whatever it is that they will be doing on a daily basis and also the purpose or reason for what it is that they will be doing. So I’m sure that you know now that chores are not just for your youths but for the adults as well. Making chores fun and simple is now added to your already existing list of chores. If you have done a good job at the introduction of responsibilities you know it because as your child or children grow they will see that you are doing more chores than the ones that you do with them every day where they will gain interest and wish to help you with your chores like you help them with theirs. Let’s now discuss the issue of chores as punishment. Your child/children are going to school now so that can mean that they may possibly misbehave and if and when this comes about the lesson that they will then be learning is consequences. Simply by adding a day or two to the child’s existing chores or making a chore that may be assigned as one day out of the week extend throughout the entire week. Some examples are doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or taking out the trash. Although these extra chores are assigned to the child for misbehaving keep that aspect clear with your youth that the extra chores or the extra time/days are only meant for the teaching of the lessons of consequences which should in the end result in little to no bad behavior reports coming home. Daily chores for youths of all ages 2-6 results in 1) putting away their toys 2) putting their dirty clothes in the dirty clothes hamper that should be by their door as they exit their bedrooms 3) making their beds, responsibility, organization, and cleanliness are the lesson that they are learned here. When your child begins school the daily chores for youths in grades kindergarten through 5th grade will now have a little addition because your child’s teacher will educate them by teaching your child/children reading, writing, and mathematics along with testing and enhancing their basic motor skills. So the addition to your child’s already existing daily chores you can assign with each days homework that they must do one hour of practice that should coincide with the particular lesson that they are learning. When you do this you will be in fact increasing their ability to obtain good grades in all other words as for effort or gold stars etc. What lessons they will learn from these added chores as far as their school goes is how important it is to learn and also that practice makes perfect. The sense of achievement is the added bonus that they will receive which is a reward in its self. Some parents chose to reward their child/children for their obtaining and maintaining of their good grades and good behavior by giving them money which is a big plus and a great motivational tool. Although chores can be used if necessary as a punishment the overall uses are to build your children or child as they grow into adulthood as responsible, neat and intelligent able bodied citizens ready to make a contribution to the world.

Thesis Statement:
Today’s youth look at chores as a punishment or an interruption in their playtime, but actually chores are assigned to instill the sense of responsibility and to build positive characteristics in our youths of today. 1. Introduction ( The history of chores)

A: What age you can start doing chores
B: How much chores should be given
11. The present day of chores
A: They are not just for the kids to do
B: Punishment and chores
111. Building Character
A: How the chores should be issued and how often
B: Giving a sense of responsibility
1V. Conclusion
A: Chores should not be given as punishment
B: Youths should not look at chores as a punishment; they should look at chores as a lesson of responsibility

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