Tutti Frutti Report Analysis

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1.0 Background of Tutti Frutti

Naza Group of Companies, Malaysia’s largest and prestigious importer of luxury automobiles was originally founded in 1975. They are the main importer and distributor of automotive brands such as Ferrari, Peugeot and Brabus but to name a few Naza has all but grown into a leading conglomerate in Malaysia. The company has expanded into a variety of prominent industries, which includes property development, motorbikes, hospitality, food and beverages, finances and insurance, manufacturing, research and creative solutions, transportation and logistics and agriculture.

Their ambition is still as high as ever as they set their sights on building a global presence in business. They continue to push the boundaries of their success by upping the ante and mastering the standards of excellence in each of their businesses.

Today, the Naza Grop of Companies is a conglomerate with various investments in multiple industries. With over 30 companies under their umbrella, they are no longer synonymous wit luxury cars and its maintenance and accessories but also a prestigious variety of achievements in industries.

The legacy that is Naza will continue to meet international and consumer standards, creating a cornerstone of branding excellence in product and services as one of the country’s leading conglomerate.

Naza Tutti Frutti (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, is a company within the naza Group of Companies. It is the master franchise holder of Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. It is a highly popular self serve frozen yogurt from the United States of America (USA).

It began serving up their products in Malaysia since 2009 with its first flagship in Sunway Pyramid. They satisfy a customer’s lust for dessert by serving over 40 flavors and over 30 different toppings.

Tutti Frutti can be found in a few neighboring countries, Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei and Thailand to name a few. Overall, there are 42 outlets, 33 in Klang valley, 2 in Penang, 2 in Ipoh, 3 in Johor, and 1 in Pahang. They are now setting their eyes to expand their branches to other states within the country.

It was an honor for them to be awarded Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award for the year of 2011, the 5th Annual Asia pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2011 Malaysia.

Their current goal is to add another 20 brand new outlets by the end of 2011, which include outlets overseas and within neighbouring countries and other parts of Asia and Africa with their new sub-franchising programme.

2.0 SWOT Analysis

The first frozen yogurt company in Malaysia
Tutti Frutti is the first dessert chain in Malaysia that specializes in frozen yogurt. Since it is still considered as a new type of product in the country, it is an advantage that Tutti Frutti is the first and only company in the country to supply. There is increasing demand for this premium food with only Tutti Frutti as its supplier. Thus, there is no competition in the frozen yogurt industry yet. This also benefits the company as it easily set its positioning as the healthier dessert restaurant, as compared to its competitors. This positioning is also easier to establish because it is the first company in the country to enter the frozen yogurt industry.  

Plenty of toppings to choose from.
Tutti Frutti sets itself apart from other dessert companies by providing various toppings for its customers. It is also the company that offers the most choice of toppings in Malaysia. The 36 different toppings include nuts, candies, biscuits, chocolate sprinkles and fresh fruits. In addition, this also gives customers a sense of personalization and experimentation to their food. This is considered as an added value that is not available in other dessert restaurants because customers are able to mix and match their food according to their own liking and taste. This also widens the company’s target market as the different toppings can cater to different types of customers in different ways. For...
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