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Topics: Sustainability, Natural environment, Ecological economics Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Environmental Decision-Making – Exploring Complexity and Context – Ronnie Harding, Carolyn MHendriks, Mehreen Faruqi – The Federation Press – 2009 Chapters 1, 3, 7, 8
Page 237 Fig 9.2
Chapter 1 – Environmental Decision-making in a complex world * Layers of complexity associated with contemporary environmental dilemmas- contemporary Environmental Decision-Making (EDM) * Issues under consideration are complex & involve a host of moral & economic factors * EDM not only encompasses broad temporal and spatial scales, but also typically involves multiple actors with different values and competing interests and competing knowledge as well as significant risks and uncertainties * Areas of public policy – health, environmental issues tend to overwhelm decision makers because of their scale, interdependencies and unknown consequences (Dovers 2005a) * Environmental issues are also inherently complex because they provide goods and services (such as clean air and water, aesthetics, wilderness) that are difficult to quantify and include in dominant valuation systems such as money * The concept of sustainability is often used to denote the ultimate goal in development where social, environmental and economic needs are all achieved concurrently * Refers to the ability of human society to persist in the long term in a manner that satisfies human development demands without threatening the integrity of the natural world (Dovers 2005a, p7) * Sustainable development refers to development which allowed the present generation to meet their needs without undermining the ability of future generations to meet theirs (WCED 1987) * Details for methodology for ecological footprinting – www.footprintnetworld.or/en/index.php & wwf.org.au/publications/livingplanet report2008/ * A further major concern for Australia is climate change * Anthropogenic (human induced)

* Persistent organic pollutants POPs, characterised by their persistence I...
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