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Topics: Confined space, Toxicity, Work Pages: 4 (864 words) Published: October 28, 2014
This essay will focus on heat stress in different working environment. I will first summarize the news that related to occupational health. Then, a brief discussion about the general work space will be written. Afterward, an in-depth exploration on the occupational health issue (Heat Stress) will be conducted. At least personal perception and conclusion will be written.

Summary of News
An industrial accident happened in a transportation container at Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market on 4th July 2014. During midnight time, Mr. Chan (Chi), the fruit market worker was moving mangosteen from transportation container to ground, Chi suddenly fall from height and his head hit a hard object when he fall down. After his head hit the hard object, Chi immediately turn into coma. His colleague find Chi was bleeding form his head and laying on the transportation container, he then dial 999 call for emergency rescue immediately. Chi was then sent to hospital by ambulance and still in critical situation after rescue.

After the accident, an investigation was conducted by police. The involved transportation container was 40 ft. long and contain with 2000 plastic basket of mangosteen. During Chi working on the container, he got a colleague moving the mangosteen away from the container on ground.

Chi hurt his head seriously and it is believed caused by hitting by hard object.

Police also reported that during Chi working at 1 a.m. on 4th July, the hot weather warning signal was announced. Police believe that Chi fell dizzy and eventually hit a hard object after fall from 1.5m height.

Study of the working environment
The accident is happened in a transportation container, which we can discuss it generally from its design and recognize the potential hazards in that kind of working environment.

The involved transportation container is 40 ft. long, which is the regular size container used in international shipping for large amount of goods. The standard...
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