Tutorial culture in Hong Kong

Topics: Primary source, Source text, Historiography Pages: 3 (454 words) Published: February 25, 2014
CCN1006 English for Academic Studies (Business) II Semester 2, 2013/14 B43

Group 1
13565792A Chu Hoi Kit, Jacky
13568837A Li Yuk Lai, Eunice
13566856A Fan Ming Yan, Charlotte
13567620A Leung Kit Ho, Bosco
13564680A Lau Ka Po, BoBo
Research Plan

Research Area: What are the economic/business factors leading the booming growth of private tutorial centres in Hong Kong?

Research Direction:
-To investigate the factors leading to the booming growth of private tutorial centre in Hong Kong, including standard of living, promotion methods, and the reasons why students attending tutorial class.

- To conduct questionnaires research to collect response from students who have had tutorial class before during their secondary education.

Area of Investigation 1:
How the economic condition of the local residents improve in the recent years? Why parents are willing to pay for the tutorial classes?

Specific Evidence and Source:
(a)See how was the economy of Hong Kong in these past years (Secondary Source: Online statistic “Hong Kong Statistics” from census and Statistics Department. )
( Secondary Source: Book from Johnson.B.Merril and Leay T. Ritcher “Hong Kong Today and since the nandover of 1997”)
( Secondary Source: The Hong Kong Economic Report, Ch.1 Overview of Economic Performance (2013))
( Secondary Source: Gross National Income (GNI) of Hong Kong from Census and Statistics Department.)
(b) Compare the Hong Kong GDP per capita in 2012 with the previous years‘ GDP per capita. (Secondary Sources: Online Statistics “Hong Kong GDP per Capita PPP” from Trading Economics.)

(c)Find out the factors that lead to parents pay for tutorial classes (Primary Sources: Result from questionnaire)
( Secondary Sources: Online Statistics “Domestic Household with Youth by household size and number of Youths 2011” from 2011 Hong Kong Population Census.)...
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