Tutorial_1 (recap on networks 1 module)

Topics: OSI model, Traceroute, Ping Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: October 26, 2014
IT424 – Networks 2

Tutorial_1 (recap on networks 1 module)

1.Give two advantages and two disadvantages for using a layered architecture.

2.Why is a modem needed for data communications over the telephone system?

3.What is the principal difference between connectionless communication and connection-oriented communication?

4.What are the main functions of the network layer?

5.What are the main functions of the Data Link Layer?

6.Using a graph, explain the difference between an end system, a hub, a switch (or bridge) and a router in terms of the layers represented in each.

7.Discuss the main differences between hubs, switches and routers

8.What is the difference between a host and an end system? List the types of end systems. Is a Web server an end system?

9.What is the round trip time (RTT)? What is the purpose of the TTL (time to live) field in the IP datagram header?

Objective: The student will become familiar with various automated tools used to probe the Internet. These tools are ping, traceroute (tracert) 1.Ping: In the command prompt type ‘ping’ and check the list of arguments and flags a.Ping localhost to determine that the ping program is working; ping should report that the destination is alive b.Choose a well-known site such as www.google.com. And use ping to determine if the site is reachable c.Use ping to test whether you can reach three various computers on the Internet and list the three round trip times d.Find one site that is real that you can’t reach and list its name e.Experiment with packet size in ping. Choose 3 different sizes. Does packet size affect round trip time?

2.Traceroute: In the command prompt type ‘tracert’ and check the list of arguments and flags Perform a tracert between source and destination on same continent at three different hours of the day (check www.traceroute.org) a.Find the number of routers in the path at each of the three hours. Did the paths change during...
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