Turning Points in Ancient History

Topics: Civilization, Human, Ancient history Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Turning Points in Ancient History
By: Rebie Walley
World Civilization I
Section 1
Dr. Jason Hostutler
Week 4

In history there are many turning points that define the essence of the world as we know it. All of the turning points are not seen in a positive light. Each continent, country, city, civilization, community as well as nationality has had a very large impact on the world while some are continuing to do so even today. Our world would not exist in the capacity that it does without these turning points in our world history. The historical content that has been studied thus far is very important to us as homo sapien sapiens. I will bring to light five of the positive turning points in history that have been studied thus far that still has a major impact on societies today: the Neolithic Revolution, the beginning of civilization, religion and government, trade and manufacturing and the invention of the wheel and its impact on trade. The Neolithic Revolution occurred after the last ice age around 10000 BCE (Duiker and Spielvogel 4). Neolithic is Greek for “new stone”. One of the most significant changes during the Neolithic Revolution was the “shift from hunting animals and gathering plants” to sustain their livelihood (Duiker and Spielvogel 5). They went from gathering fruits, nuts and berries to planting and cultivation of crops such as grains and vegetables. “The domestication of animals” added a supply source of milk, and meat as well as wool for clothing. This change gave humans more control over the environment and allowed them to settle down to live in a continuous home for more than a few months at a time. This new way of living spread quickly around Egypt, and Mesopotamia as well as Asia. The agricultural change that came from the Neolithic Revolution brought on a change of a different sort as well, civilization. Duiker and Spielvogel define civilization as “a complex culture in which large numbers of people share a variety of common...

Bibliography: Duiker, William J. and Jackson J. Spielvogel. The Essential World History Volume 1: To 1800. Wadsworth Cengage Learning.
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