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Turning Points - Collapse of Communism and the Voyages of Columbus

Oct 08, 1999 495 Words
Turning points are points where an important change occurs. It is very important that it will never be forgotten since these turning points make such great impact on history. Some of these impacts include food, people, plants, animals, technology, and diseases passed from one continent to the other. The voyages of Columbus and the Collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union are one of the most significant turning points that made political, social, and cultural impact. <br>

<br>The voyages of Columbus began the European race to colonize the Americans. A far-reaching exchange of people, plants, animal, and ideas occurred between Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Christopher Columbus, and ambitious Italian sailor from Genoa, convinced the Spanish monarchs to finance his plan to reach Asia by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in 1942. He and the rest of his crew sailed towards west for India in just three small ships. Columbus also had an impact on a global exchange, which was called the Columbian Exchange because it started with him. This exchange leads to profound changes for people in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. Also, the introduction of American crops such as corn and potatoes to other continents contributed to population growth in Europe, Asia and Africa in the 1700s. Columbus made a major turning point in global history by establishing empires and trade links around the world on his voyages of exploration. Many changes such as the slave trade between Africa and the Americas turned into a huge and lucrative business. Also, European countries competed for colonies and trade in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. <br>

<br>The Collapse of communism in the Soviet Union began the years of change in Eastern Europe and brought an end to the Cold War. There are many effects of the fall of the Soviet Union, such as the formation of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the end of the Cold War, Economic hardships, conflicts between pro communist and pro democratic groups, loss of role as world superpower, and lastly, minority revolts and civil conflicts. Under communism, ethnic tensions in multinational states had been kept from being known. But then they reappear again with the fall of the Soviet Union. The Cold War, which was going on for 25 years in the 1970s had ended. The United States and the Soviet Union promoted a period of détente, which was the lessening of tension. This Détente involved the arms, which controlled talks and treaties, cultural exchanges, and trade agreements. <br>

<br>Many important turning points in global history had had an impact on many things such as people, food, technology, diseases…. etc. The voyages of Columbus and the Collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union both are major turning points in history. The Collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union helped bring about the end of the Cold War. Christopher Columbus explored in his voyages and lead to impacts, which was passed from continent to continent.

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