Turning Point

Topics: Experience, English-language films, Want Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: August 20, 2009
Alicia Kennedy
English 20-1
Module 1 Final Assignment

True Turning Points
Everyone experiences significant turning points in their lives, but when do they happen? Each individual experiences things at different times in their lives and in different ways. Some may experience a significant event at a very young age that affected them for the rest if their lives while others may wait years before experiencing that event. I feel that I have yet to experience a true turning point in my life through my own personal events but through the events of another I have. Someone who has always been the one I look up to the most experienced a very significant event that truly changed her life and through this my life has reached it’s own turning point. My sister, a high level athlete, four years older that myself, had the biggest part of her life taken away form her when she was diagnosed with Femoral acetabular impingement which led to major cartilage damage to the point that there is none left in the hip socket. After 3 surgeries and still counting her dream began to fade. Since she was 10 years old and stepped on the ice in full goalie gear for the first time her life revolved around the arena. Every night and every weekend, another practice or another game, it was all that mattered to her. All she wanted to do with her life was to be the one on the ice receiving a gold medal in red and white. At the age of 14 she was leaving home to continue pursuing her dream at a higher level and continued doing so for he last four years of high school. At the age of eighteen when graduation came around she was readying herself for her furthest travel yet, Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. After her first year on the women’s hockey team along side multiple Olympians she felt as though she was finally on her way to the top until everything came to a sudden halt. Doctor appointments became as regular as hockey and the pain was constant. What hurt the most...
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