Turning Humans Into Robots

Topics: Human, Quality assurance, Reproduction Pages: 4 (1330 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Turning Humans Into Robots
By Klaude Omorean

The use of scripting in call centers has always been a regular practice. It has now trickled down to the collection of receivables for inbound and outbound calls in Collection departments all over the world. The DRC model (Demand/Resolve/Collect), as it is known in the collection industry, is becoming more and more popular because of its incredible results in the collection of receivables. Although it is embraced and admired by many company owners, the front line collectors are not so enthused by this automated and robotic approach they are being forced to reproduce in every call. Some of them say it is the opposite of customer service. The human factor and connection is being lost in translation. The world has spent many years dreaming up ways of creating the perfect robot that could reproduce a sense of being and be as human as possible in its functions and deliverables. Could it be now that some people have figured out that it isn’t the robot we need to create more like the human but to turn the human being into more of a robot? Should these agents be embracing this method or rejecting it with all their being, refusing to be turned into nothing more than robots on a manufacturing line spitting out scripted conversations with one goal in mind…collect, collect, collect. Whatever happened to using good communication and negotiation skills in order to obtain payment arrangements and “curing” the accounts? Now, these short automated calls are nothing more than band aids. They solve the current outstanding receivables but do not address the long term issue at hand. So, why are so many companies implementing the DRC model? And why are we letting businesses bully people into

conforming to these rigid systems that create stressful and unhappy working environments? The number one reason that companies are flocking to the DRC model is cost effectiveness. The use of this model has been proven time and time...
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