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Topics: Bargaining, Negotiation, Collective bargaining Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: October 17, 2013
Week # 13 – Preparation Questions for Students – From Assigned Readings

Assigned Readings:
Chapter 9, Negotiations (De Janasz, Dowd & Schneider)
Six Habits of Merely Effective Negotiators (Sebenius)
1. Please think about and describe a few situations from your life in which you’ve had to negotiate with someone to reach agreement on something. How effective or ineffective do you think you were in these situations, and why do you think this was the case? According to the readings you did for this week, what are a few of the most important personal and professional benefits of honing one’s negotiation skills? 2. The De Janasz chapter on negotiations describes two distinct approaches to bargaining: a “distributive bargaining strategy” and an “integrative bargaining strategy.” Describe at least one key difference between these two strategies. Then, describe an actual or hypothetical situation where adapting a distributive bargaining strategy would make the most sense (and why), as well as one where adopting an integrative bargaining strategy would make the most sense (and why). 3. According to the Sebenius reading, why is neglecting “the other side’s problem” a mistake in negotiations, and how does it keep negotiators from solving “the right problem”? 4. The Sebenius reading argues that focusing exclusively on price or economic aspects of a deal in a negotiation is problematic. List a few distinct reasons why this is problematic, and then describe a potential workplace or professional situation where price is only one, and not even the most important, issue you wish to negotiate or reach an agreement on.
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