Turkish & Foreign Content on Pakistani Channels

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What is Drama?
Drama is a unique tool to explore and express human feeling. Drama is an essential form of behavior in all cultures, it is a fundamental human activity. A high degree of thinking, feeling and moving is involved and subsequently aids in the development of skills for all other learning within and outside of schools (transfer of learning). Drama is a discrete skill in itself (acting, theatre, refined skill), and therefore it is offered as a 'subject' in secondary school. However Drama is also a tool which is flexible, versatile and applicable among all areas of the curriculum. Through its application as a tool in the primary classroom, Drama can be experienced by all children.

Drama assists in the development of
* the use of imagination
* powers of creative self expression
* decision making and problem solving skills
* and understanding of self and the world
* self confidence, asense of worth and respect and consideration for others.


Remember the first time there was talk about banning foreign dramas. That happened when Indian serials flooded our TV screens in the 2000s. Some were in favour of banning them in order to support our local TV industry which had begun flourishing again, with the mushrooming growth of private TV channels whereas others, especially housewives, were happily consuming daily doses of saas-bahu-susraal conspiracy (mother-daughter in laws) episodes at their convenience. Several intermittent banning and blatant copying of Indian sets and costumes later, Pakistani audiences were finally fed up of the whole situation. There was too much of the same thing, whether Indian or local, and so any drama which did not follow the typical ‘saas-bahu’ (mother-in-law, daughter-in-law) formula became the most sought-after and likeable alternative. We can say that the influx of Indian dramas had actually caused a revival of the local Pakistani TV...

References: http://eternal-limits.blogspot.com/2012/12/turkish-dramas-and-pakistani-audience.html
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