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Topics: Istanbul, Turkey, Hotel Pages: 4 (1469 words) Published: March 5, 2013
It was an eye opening experience for me to participate in study tour with new friends from USA cohort as we spent four days explored Turkey together. Through this study tour, we were able to meet with and pick the minds of great individuals in Turkey. I am especially grateful for having the opportunity to experience Turkish hospitality, culture, government, education, business, arts, media, history, religion and their people first hand. This is something that I cannot find in “Lonely Planet” travel advises. Turkey is a country where history (Ottoman Empire, Artutuk) and religion (conservative fashion, cuisine, architecture, call to prayers five times daily & etc) play a big role in shaping today’s Turkey. It even impacted their ways of lives and daily conduct. There is some similarity with Asia but still a difference. Beside what I can take away from Turkey, study, learning and interacting with USA cohort spice up the learning experience. They brought me to think from ankles I never think before and definitely help to open another door of learning. These two things are things that I can take away and no one else can take it away from me. My perception towards Turkey and American are making a big turn and I must say I like this positive change. Business Visit:

1) Merch (Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals)
The presentation was well prepared and done in a very systematic yet informative manner. Both speakers not only shared with us about the industry but the country as a whole and how all aspects in the country affect their business. I took away how persistent it is for a company to keep study and finding a way come out with a new drug, how many tests, audit and certification processes they have to go through and how a government’s policy that make this industry even more alive and beneficial to their people. This company successfully delivered to me what they have been preaching - The balance between Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals as well as...
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