Turkey and the Eu

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Pro and cons for Turkey becoming a member of the EUROPEAN UNION

With Europe facing a severe economic and political crisis, the continuing political integration of the European Union is more than ever the subject of several political science debates. From the neo-realism point of view the largest current challenge is the European integration. Its basic assumption of the balance of power, according to international co-operation always differentiates between national security considerations and the understanding of sovereignty of the states involved, which is not applicable with the development of the EU. Representatives of the neo-liberal institutionalism see the EU, therefore, as a strong indication that intergovernmental institutions can not only serve for security concerns of individual countries to maximize their relative profit. They can also develop a power structure independent of their members. A possible accession of Turkey to the EU was always matter in Europe since the establishment of the EEC in the year 1957. No other candidate for an admission has ever caused so many controversial discussions. Despite the fact that every state agrees the process of the access negotiations there is still existing a big dispute wheter if the Turkish admission politically is desirable or not. Negotiations were started on October 3rd 2005, and the process, should it be in Turkey's favour, is likely to take at least a decade to complete. The membership bid has become a major controversy of the ongoing enlargement of the European Union. This statement describes the line I want to follow and the topics on which I have done my research for this paper very well:” The pros and cons of Turkey EU membership could span many pages. Against: Turkey is culturally very different; its per capita GNP is a quarter the EU average and Turkey could easily swallow up all the EU development funds; EU legislation would cause very much internal resentment - as many could see it as conflicting with their religious laws; the country still has human rights issues and hasn't recognized the genocide where over a million Armenians died. For: if Turkey could join the EU and all the issues above are resolved we would have a fantastically dynamic economy in Europe that may be able to help us balance off against the upcoming industrial super powers of China and India. Turkey would become more wealthy, secular, tolerant and open. The outcome is in the toss of a coin.” 1 The economic performance is one of the most important access criterions for Turkey even as the Copenhagen criteria must not be fulfilled in total. In fact Turkey has as many inhabitants as Germany but has only one sixth of the German economic power The strongest argument is always, that an admission could open new markets in the east. From this point of view there are existing a couple of numbers that point out clearly, that a Turkish EU admission may not be affordable for the European Union:

* Only the yearly agricultural subventions, which should generate same wealth in every region in the EU could cost 45 billion Euros * The commission is expecting net total cost of 16 to 28 billion Euros, which is approximately 15% of the EU- budget

These amounts may not be financed, with regards to the bad financial situation of the other member states. As a consequence of this many of the existing areas already supported, would lose their benefits, which would lead to an unacceptable situation. Of course one must add, that these numbers are pure speculation and nobody can predict the exact numbers. Moreover after an accession of Turkey the EU would gain lots of unpleasant neighbors, the central conflict regions of our planet full of unbelievable, unpredictable potentials of extremists. Thousands of miles of borders should be guarded to hold all the people that want to come from Asia, the Arabian peninsula, or maybe from Africa over Turkey to Europe. It is probably needless to...
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