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Turkcell is one of the leader telecommunication company in Turkey. It was founded in February 1994. In 2011, Turkcell's market share has reached 53%. Turkcell has 34.5 million subscribers as of March 31, 2012 and also, one of the three GSM operators in Europe which has achieved great success in terms of number of the subscribers. Süreyya CİLİV has worked as a CEO since January 9, 2007. The total number of employees of the Company is 11.183 in 2010 (operations and technical section 7.707, sales and marketing section 2.039, management sectiın 1.437). Turkcell is the pioneer Turkish group to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (TKC) and it has a good values on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (İMKB) . Turkcell has global roaming alliance with 605 operators in 201 countries. Turkcell has a 26.3 million subscribers in foreign countries (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova,Ukraine and Northern Cyprus ).

Country of Operation | Market Position | Number of Subscribers | Turkey | 1st | 34.3 million |
Ukraine | 3rd | 11.9 million |
Kazakhstan | 1st | 7.5 million |
Azerbaijan | 1st | 4.0 million |
Georgia | 1st | 1.9 million |
Moldova | 2nd | 700,000 |
Occupied Northern Cyprus | 1st | 300,000 |

Technology has changed rapidly and innovative ideas are become more important depending on the fast data transfer. To keep pace with this change , Turkcell developed and presented it's new services such as “TurkcellEDGE, Turkcell BlackBerry, Turkcell Connect and TurkcellMail”

Taking into consideration the lifestyle and needs of young people on 1 April 2005 , Turkcell announced it's new teenage club “gnctrkcll”. The purpose of this club is provide a long-term benefits to teenagers and help them to be social. Turkcell signed an agreement with a great deal of famous brand and social activity facility.

Turkcell's Achievements;

INFO Tech 100 list in 83rd place in 2007
Turkcell won the first place in the Best New Service category in World Communication Awards 2002 Turkey's first operator with ISO 9001: 2000 certificate (ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate in 1999). Main sponsor of the Turkish National Football Team and the official sponsor of Turkish National Basketball Team

Abell (1980) stated “ Two fundamental questions that nedd to be addressed are 'What business are we in? and 'What business do we want to be in?' The answers define the scope and activities of the company. The business mission explains the reason for its existence. As such it may include a statement of market,needs and technology.”

To ease and enrich the lives of our customers with communication and technology solutions. Turkcell Values
We believe that customers come first
We are an agile team
We promote open communication
We are passionate about making a difference
We value people


Jobber (2010) said that a usefultool for conceptualizing the changes that may take place during the time that a product is on the market is called the product life cycle. It is quite flexible and can be applied to both brands and product lines.

'Product lifecycle' demonstrates product's position and it has four stages. These are Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline. Each of the stages requires different marketing strategies.

Introduction: New product is in the market , very few sales and profit. Growth: Sales increase rapidly, profitability reaches the higher points. Maturity: Sales growth will continue over the period of maturity but after achieving the highest point of sale, sales starts to decrease. Decline: Sales and profitability decrease swiftly.

Turkcell is in the maturity stage now.

In the maturity stage;

Sales has reached peak
Company gain high profits
Low costs for expenditure
Competition in teh market...
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