Turbofan Engine Operation

Topics: Jet engine, Turbofan, Gas compressor Pages: 3 (402 words) Published: October 10, 2010
The product we propose to work on will be a jet turbofan engine. Turbofan engines are widely used to

today on airline, corporate, and military jets. They are an outgrowth of the turbojet engine, with a major

benefit being increasd thrust production and fuel economy.


Turbo fan engines work on the principle of an increased bypass ratio, that is an increase of the air that is

ducted around the compressor and turbine system and is merely accelerated by the rotation of the

compressor blades due to thrust produced much like a propellor. This mixes with the common airflow that

Is accelerated by actual combustion of the air going through the engine and mixes with the bypassed air to

produce a greater amount of thrust. The benefit of air being bypassed is air not being combusted and using

fuel but still creating a good amount of thrust. This makes turbofan engines very efficient and economically

viable and environmentally friendly in comparison with the turbojet engine in which all the air is burned.

Turbofan engines are can usually be noticed by very large fan like blade at the front of the engine, these are

the compressor blade and are very noticeable at the airport when fly on any modern airliner. The

compressor blades are simply tiny backwards facing wings in which the high pressure producing area is

turned facing the on rushing airflow. Upon meeting the high pressure created by the compressor blades as

the spin a sort of ram air compression occurs where the increasingly densified causing an increase in air

temperature as the the air molecules are forced to occupy a smaller amount of volume causing increased

molecular kinetic interaction and higher temperatures due to greater molecular agitation. The air usually

passes through several compressor sections in which it is increasingly...
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