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Have you ever experienced the feeling of complete freedom? I remember experiencing this when I got my first car and rebuilt it with my father. It was a cold day in November, exactly one month from when I would turn sixteen. I had mentioned something to my dad several years earlier about wanting a Porsche 924S for my first car, and I remember him just laughing. After searching online for several months I found the car I had always wanted. It was a 1987 red Porsche 924S, and the guy selling it only wanted five hundred dollars for it. I told my father about it, and he agreed to it as long as I did all the work on it, and it definitely needed a lot of work. We drove for two hours with our trailer hooked up on the back of the truck. The anticipation was killing me. It was probably one of the most exciting moments for me. I remember driving on many back roads to get there, because it literally was in the middle of nowhere. When we pulled up to the drive way where the car was sitting, it wasn’t until then did I realize that this car would need way more work than I thought it would, but I was determined to fix it. We had to use a winch to pull the car onto the trailer because it would not even start. The once beautiful guards red paint was starting to peel away on the hood and sunroof, because of the lack of care and sun damage. The interior was torn to pieces and the back bumper had several dents in it. But somehow I was able to look past those imperfections to see a beautiful car that had potential, and most importantly I realized that I had the car I always wanted. After the ordeal of just getting the car on the trailer was over, we had to start the long journey back home. When we pulled in our driveway and unloaded the car I wanted to get straight to work on it. We started to go through the car to see exactly what was wrong with it. The first thing we had to do was clean out the inside of the car. We then went through the engine to see what was keeping the car...
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