Tura Cetha Stone

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Tuar Ceatha Stone
It was the early 1700’s, Ealga lived in Ireland. Ealga’s name means brave, the meaning however couldn’t fit more perfectly. Ealga adored Ireland. She lived on the north shoreline of Ireland. Her father and mother had died soon after her younger brother’s birth. Kain, her Brother, had never seen his parents. Ealga and Kain lived alone in a cottage.

One day, someone found out that they were living there alone; they alerted the póilíneachta (the police). Before they were caught Ealga and Kain fled to the countryside. They moved along slowly. They never were able to settle anywhere. When Ealga was only 16 and Kain was barley 10, they had traveled to about every place in Ireland. The póilíneachta where always looking for Ealga and Kain. Few people would shelter them. Finally, in 1727, when Ealga was 17, the brother and sister had settled in a small town. Ealga began work as a seamstress. Working however didn’t provide

enough money for a great house. They lived in a one room shed with a dirt floor.
After they had lived there for no more than a month, Kain was down by the rocky shore when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. In a bottle was a note. “The giants are coming”, it read. Kain ran to his sister. When Ealga read the message she told her brother to stay in the shed and to be safe. Ealga ran to the town stable and got a horse. The danger she was about to face wasn’t even comparable to anything she had ever done. She was going to fight the giants to save her beloved homeland.

Ealga found the giants and fought every single one. She got hurt and beaten. At many points she could see death. But in the end she won. She had saved her home from an untimely death. When she was a mile from the small town where her brother was, her foot hit something hard. She bent down and picked up a Tuar

Ealga- Irish name meaning brave

Tuar Ceatha Stone- Rainbow stone

Póilíneachta- Police

Thugann riamh tar éis- Happily...
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