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Topics: Photography, Art, Image Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: April 29, 2015

Name : Tung Sin Ting
Course: LANG1002I T04
Title: Photography
Instructor: Professor Jan Pople

Photography is an interesting topic that can be discuss in many ways. In order to explore this issue, this essay will first cover the reason why photography was a game-changer by explain how photography changed human’s life. After that, this essay will advance the idea that conditions allowed photography became a game-changer through some histories of photography and it's increasing demand. Having considering the conditions ,it is also important to look at how photography remains a lasting impact in a variety of fields such as art , science and so on to proof the effect of photography in our daily life.

The dawn of photography amazed people around the world by many ways ,it was a stunning game-changer. It enabled image become storable and changed people’s perception of art. In the ancient era ,human utilized pigment to paint a portrait to commemorate great figures or paint a picture of beautiful scenery so as to memorize it. However, nobody would probably do that now due to the dawn of photography .Only if we click a button on camera ,we can store the scene as photos or digital image on computer and mobile phone wherever we are . In this way ,our memory can be captured. Photography also proved that it can be art as well as classical art .For centuries , people all reckoned art is painting and graving until photography was invented, photography took part in the class of art. In 1888, George Eastman promoted the first Kodak camera meanwhile it triggered people’s enthusiasm for photography and made everyone able to be a photographer.(Orlando ,1989)Nowadays , photographers take photos of the view of city and humanity that show the reflection of human .This new form of art has earned the acceptance of people . Photography seems to be more popular than classical art in this century since it related to photojournalism...
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