Tumblr Rules

Topics: If You Have to Ask, Prince, Hate crime Pages: 3 (1147 words) Published: June 6, 2011
If you are reading this, then you probably either have a tumblr, or you are new to tumblr. If you are already puzzled and oblivious as to what tumblr is, then stop reading! Just by writing this I am breaking the first rule of tumblr. You might be saying, “What? Tumblr has rules?” Yes, tumblr has rules. There are many different unspoken rules in this specific community.

The first rule of tumblr is that you should never speak about tumblr to non-tumblrites, especially if they are a facebooker. Why? Because tumblr is a place where you go to get away, a place where you can rant, and a place where you can spill all of your secrets. If everyone that you know in real life knows about tumblr, then you won’t have the solitude from everyday life, and we don’t want that now, do we? No!

Another rule of tumblr is that it is not a social network. You don’t come here to “catch up” with old friends. On tumblr, there is an option to ask questions in an “ask box”, and the brave people even have the option to allow anonymous “asks”. If you want people to follow your blog, then it’s probably best if you don’t answer all of your “asks”. People don’t want to be scrolling down their dashboard and see a bunch of pointless questions answered when they could be reading appealing articles, or when they could be looking at humorous pictures and jokes. Since I am already on the subject of asks, I will enlighten you about hate mail. The fact that there is an option to ask people anonymous questions means that people can be courage-less internet bullies and send you huge amounts of hate mail without revealing their identity. Just ignore them. If they really felt all of that hate toward you, then they wouldn’t be gutless, and they would say it without being anonymous. Just call them grey-face or troll and go on with your day.

Tumblr isn’t a social network way of blogging, but instead, it is like an online scrap book with endless amounts of pictures. Some of these pictures might...

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