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Tulong Dunong Lesson Plan sample

By maki-vasallo Sep 21, 2014 767 Words




Being not there in the first TD session, I can only rely on my partner's feedbacks about our student's reaction when she was teaching math. Math is a subject that if not all then many of us hate. Its like a plague to a student's life. I was once afraid of math when I was a kid, so I could only imagine the contorted faces of my students because of the confusing things that math feeds us. Math is hard if you don't learn to accept it as a part of your life. Math is fun. According to my partner, our students really had a hard time embracing the topic. It was as if it was a new topic to them.


Lesson 1- using equations


Dear Lord,

Good day! Lord we came to the world as human beings, as imperfect people, as your unique creations. Today we come to you as your wounded childrens. We need your help to guide us in our everyday lives and give us the strength and faith to hold onto the rope of goodness. We love you Lord and we trust You. Thank you for everything You have done for us. THANK YOU. AMEN.


Last meeting, ate Cj taught you about equations. Equations are again.......(let the students answer) As (whoever answers the first question) said, let us now identify if the following are equations.....(visual aid).

IF 3-5 items are correctly identified, then I should move on and give them a practice test.

IF 0-2 items are only correctly identified, then I should go back to explaining more of the topic.



w Greet the students.

w Ask them how are they.

w Ask them to stand.

w Lead the prayer.

w Ask them to sit down to their places.

w Ask if they are comfortable in their places.

w Tell that if anyone wants to go the CR then they can go now.

w Formally start the class by doing the short review.

w Ask if anyone is confused about the topic.

w Assure them that they can ask any questions.

w Explain and add new informations to the topic.

w Conduct a practice test.

w Assess from their results if they really understand the lesson.

w Make follow up explanations if they didn't have successful results.

w Then proceed to giving quiz.

w Check the quiz.

w let them stand.

w Formally end their session.

w Make them sit again.


Instructions: (Attachment)





An equation is a math sentence that says that 2 things are equal. An equation always has an equal (=) sign. The thing or things that are on the left side of the equal sign are equal to the things on the right side of the equal sign. Here are a few equations:

X = Y + 5

A = B - 4

Z = 3 A

C = D (circumference of a circle)

A = W H (area of a rectangle with width W and height H)

E = M C2 (Einstein's famous equation)

In the first equation, if Y is 2, then X must be 2 + 5 or 7 to make the equation true. In the second equation, if B is 10, then A must be 6 to make the equation true. In the third equation, the number next to the letter means multiply the value of the variable represented by "A" by 3. So if A is 4, then Z must be 12 to make the third equation true.

Now here's a problem for you:

In the first equation, if Y were 10, what would X be?


Algebra Practice Problems Date:__________________________

Worksheet generated at

1.) x + 2 = 8 9.) x2 - x - 12 = 0

2.) 2 = x - 6 10.) x2 - 19x + 88 = 0

3.) 3 + 3x = 36


Cullen was walking from her house to her school. She walks 15meters forward, then turns left and walks for another 10meters. How far did Cullen walked from her house to her school?

Neah's mother gave her money for her allowance for the week. Neah set asides Php25 for her savings and divided the remaining money from monday to friday. If Neah has an allowance of Php35 everyday, how much did Neah's mother gave her?

4.) - 4x + 9 = 45

5.) 2x - 9 = - 33

6.) - x - 5 - 4x = - 35

7.) 6x + 6 = 6 - 3x

8.) 2(3 + x) = - 4

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