Tully's Marketing Plan

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Tully’s Marketing Plan
Brand Vision
The vision of Tully’s is to have the best tasting coffee at the best value. Tully’s is truly a company that gives back to its customers and communities within the regions they have stores. They have handcrafted their coffee from day one of the brand and will continue to do until the doors close. They make no apologies for longer wait times because perfect coffee is on the end of each wait. Brand Definition

The Tully’s Brand definition is to provide the world’s ultimate coffee experience with the highest quality products and service. They are all about quality not quantity. They want this vision each time you hear or see the name Tully’s. Each step of roasting harvesting, creating drinks to service is done with the best intension. Make no mistake at Tully’s nothing is by accident. Brand Stakeholder s and Target

Tully’s is part of the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc so financial information on this specific brand is not available. Because over the last five years Tully’s has gone into bankruptcy and was purchased by Patrick Dempsey there is a lot of anxious stakeholders and employees. Right now the future of this product is uncertain but within the next five years I believe it will change and become better financially. Right now because Tully’s is still not a huge company in regards to coffee, unless you live in the Northwest or continually buy K-cups on Green Mountain websites, you probably have never tried Tully’s brand. This makes the brand not be on the minds of many people when they think of coffee drinks. Unfortunately the brand is competing against Starbucks that has a huge customer following. SWOT Analysis:

Tully’s Coffee has a great foundation in the specialty coffee industry. They have a strong commitment to creating sustainable products and giving back to local communities all over the world, from the regions where their beans are grown to the communities where coffee shops are thriving. This allows their customer base to be proud of the product they are purchasing and keeps them coming back for more. They do have some stiff competition with Starbucks and Seattle’s Best right in their backyard but this is good for the economy because it allows people to have a choice and customers love choices. Even though people change and so do their likes and dislikes I have the following broken down to outline the SWOT of Tully’s Coffee. Strengths:

1. Local Company within the American Northwest founded and started in Seattle Washington. 2. Having local news exposure keeps advertising cost low
3. Quality product through slow roasting all beans
4. Unique products and specialty coffees wide variety of selection 5. Customer loyalty
1. Stiff competition with other local name brands, like Starbucks and Seattle’s Best 2. Bankruptcy in 2009 bad unwanted publicity
3. New leadership transition in leaders and owners unstable first line supervisors 4. Not known very well outside of local channels
5. Advertising isn’t happening very much outside of the Northwest where it was founded Opportunities:
1. International stores opening in the Philippines, Japan, and South Korea. 2. New Products and new labels on current products to update b rand and customer knowledge of products 3. K-cups partnership with Keurig

4. New ownership and new direction of company’s mission
5. Gathering Ground foundation promotions and an opportunity to give back to community Threats:
1. Increase of prices from coffee beans going up in price
2. Other brands are gaining more customers
3. Favors of coffee change causes products to change overtime 4. Federal regulations form importing coffee beans from other countries 5. Political instability in regions where coffee beans are being grown and harvested Current Brand Situation

Currently Tully’s is bouncing back from a huge downfall of bankruptcy but the new owners won’t let it die. The current leadership within this company is...

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