Tugasan Assure Model

Topics: Education, Learning, Microsoft PowerPoint Pages: 5 (1216 words) Published: October 8, 2010
Subject : Science

Year : 5 Bestari

Theme : Investigating Technology
Title : Shape Of Object
Learning outcomes: 1. State the shape of objects.
2. Identify shape in structures.
Duration : 60 minutes
Teaching aids:
Teaching aids that used in learning are power point slide, flash card and concrete source . These teaching aids are made in form of combination of a few media such as audio, animation, images, graphic and texts.

To make teaching and learning more interesting.
To attract student’s attention during .
To ensure the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Rasional using teaching aids and relating to ASSURE model:
The teaching aids is designed based on student ability
The teaching aids guided the student to understand the learning from concrete level to abstract level. •Student already has prior knowledge pertaining the topic. •Student be able to relate the lesson that teaching with their environment. ASSURE MODEL INSTRUCTIONAL PLAN.

1.Number of student : 35
2.No. of males/ females : 20 females and 15 males.
3.Age Range: 11 years old
4.Mental, sosial, physical and sosial notes such as:
Learning differences:
-All Average students except two gifted students and three with low motivation.
Cultural / Background :
-28 Malay, 5 Chinese and 2 Indian.
-Living in small town .
-They come from different background and various socioeconomic environments.
-They live with their parent and the behavior problem are minimal even though they have a few emotionally disturbed students in the classroom.

5.Current Knowledge, prerequisites and notes about Leaner Attitudes. Student already know the concept of shape because they have learned in level one (standard 2). The majority students seems can be easily imagine the concept of objects and they are also excited to being the project. This will be wonderful for designing their activity in form of game. The main concern is the 3 low-motivation students. They need more attention than other students in order to complete the activity, so these students are place in groups with classmates whom are willing to help and encourage these students rather than not letting them participate. With these specifications, the low motivation students have every opportunity to be successful. 6.Learning Styles.

The learning style of my classroom consist of 45% kinesthetic, 35% visual, and 20 % auditory learners. The majority of my class is kinesthetic learners and therefore I create a power point slide show and group activity. This activity give each student the opportunity to contribute their talents and work as a good to achieve a goal. Visual learners will also benefit from this power point slide show. Meanwhile, the auditory learners will have to expand their horizon to encompass doing and seeing. This will ultimately help them learn more in long run.

The objectives of this lesson are as follows:
1. Using power point presentation, student will be able name the shapes. 2. Students name the shapes that provided in the classroom.
3. Using power point presentation, student identify shapes in structures. They write the answer on the worksheet given.
4. In group, using block or plastisin, student build their own structure.

2.LCD projector
1.power point slide.
4.worksheet. (prepared using Microsoft Word)

The class will begin with flash card activity. To gain student attention, the teacher ask students to joint the dots on the flash cards given. The jointed dots will form many type of shapes. Then, the lesson will begin by reviewing and discussing previous knowledge. This will done verbally during lesson. Afterward, Teacher shows power...
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