Tuesdays With Morrie, By Mitch Albom: Discussing The Character of Morrie

Topics: Lou Gehrig, Tuesdays with Morrie, Life Pages: 3 (1237 words) Published: December 15, 2005
Term Paper-Tuesdays With Morrie

Many people learn many things in many different ways. Most learn in school or church, some learn in asking questions, but I believe the best lessons are taught from a good friend. Tuesdays With Morrie is a true story of the remarkable lessons taught by a dying professor, Morrie Schwartz, to his pupil, Mitch Albom. Morrie teaches Mitch the lessons of life, lessons such as death, fear, aging, greed, marriage, family, society, forgiveness, and a meaningful life. This is a story of a special bond of friendship that was lost for many years, but never forgotten and simply picked up again at a crucial time of both Morrie's and Mitch's lives.

Mitch was flipping through his television stations one night and stopped when he saw his old college professor on "Nightline" talking about his fatal Lou Gehrig's disease. Mitch saw that his life long friend and teacher was dying and knew that he needed to go see him. Morrie was a professor at Brandeis University in Massachusetts where Mitch attended college. Morrie was his favorite professor. After college, Mitch never kept in touch with Morrie like he said he would, and felt guilty for not doing so. Seeing Morrie on TV. couldn't have come at a better time in Mitch's life.

Mitch was a columnist for the Detroit Free Press. Everything he did was done on a deadline. His life was always on the go. He didn't take time to appreciate the simple and important things in life such as his wife Janine and her desires to start a family. To Mitch, children would tie him down. Mitch decided to go to Boston to visit his old professor. What started out as a one-day meeting, turned into a four-month class. Mitch and Morrie met once a week on Tuesdays and discussed "the meaning of life." One of the issues discussed in their Tuesday meetings was the fear of aging. Having Lou Gehrig's disease, the most personal and basic things had been taken from Morrie such as going to the bathroom, wiping...
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