Tuesday with Morrie Reflections

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Networking & Linkages

Creation of networks and linkages are an essential component of any development program and provide synergies for the program to build upon from a point of advantage to a point of strength. It is also a key area on which the performance of the SGP-India will be rated vis-à-vis other SGP country programs. Given the importance of the activity, it is pertinent to develop a vision and laid-down modalities for taking it forward in a manner that it builds into and converges with the greater SGP-India vision.

Why are Networking & Linkages important?

Networking and Linkages basically means forming formal and informal partnerships and ties with other organizations in different areas of mutual interest and/or benefits. In case of the SGP the most obvious partnerships that we have is with the Government, our grantee partners and co-financing agencies. Other then these, SGP also forges active partnerships with academic institutions, research organizations, other donor agencies and advocacy groups.

Networking and linkages are important for the following reasons: • The program outreach and visibility can be greatly increased. • Technology transfer, share and dissemination can be facilitated between SGP and the networked organization and among the respective partners • Sharing of knowledge, skill, expertise and experiences helps in improving the effectiveness and efficiency • Co-financing links can be forged

• Partnerships aid in replication and scaling-up of SGP project ideas and concepts • Replication of funding can be avoided and the grants can be used in a better managed and meaningful fashion

What kind of Partnerships can be forged?

The partnerships that are forged might be directly linked to the program, as – • Grantee partnerships
• Co-financing links

Partnerships can be forged on technical grounds, as –
• For providing technical know-how
• Skill sharing for monitoring & evaluation, proposal development,...
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