Topics: 1948 Tucker Sedan, Management, Automobile Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: June 27, 2014
There is no recipe, instructions, or formula that makes up a great Leader.   Tucker, the main character in the movie Tucker: The Man and his Dream, is a man that we can analyze the strengths and weaknesses that he demonstrated as a leader and manager of his company. This movie is a fictionalized true story about Preston Tucker, an American automobile designer and entrepreneur. Unfortunately, he was not able to compete with the Big Guys of the car industry and failed to fulfill his dream. Tucker’s vision, proactively, and motivation is what made him a great leader, manager and CEO; however his poor management decisions lead him to his downfall.   Tucker was a man of vision, which is a critical characteristic to have as a leader. A vision allows for a sense of direction, and a way to focus the attention of everyone associated with the organization. The need to achieve the same vision is why individuals in an organization come together and work as hard as they can in order to succeed. Tucker had the dream to build a car with many new features like air-cooled rear engine, disk brakes, independent 4-wheel suspension, an additional center headlight that pivoted left and right for better vision when turning, a padded dash, seatbelts, and a pop-out safety windshield.   He wanted to sell this revolutionary car in an industry that had three Big Guys that were afraid of what he would do to the industry. The Big Guys used many shady tactics, such as spying on Tuckers operation, to bring down his company. However, part of being a leader is to be proactive, to take charge, and make a vision a reality.   This concept of being proactive was portrayed throughout the movie. At the very beginning when Tucker proposed the idea of the Tucker Torpedo to Abe, a business man, Abe told him he had no chance, he said “Believe it or not, you’re the only lunatic in the country dumb enough to try it. I believed he is exactly the type of entrepreneur we learned...
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