Tuberculosis Case Study Answers.

Topics: Antibiotic resistance, Bacteria, Gram staining Pages: 4 (862 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Incidence- an occurrence; rate or range of occurrence; or influence of something. Prevalence-wide spread or current; the condition of being prevalent Mortality- the state or condition of being subject to death. 2

Less people die since 1990 in the u.s.; whereas, haiti has remained constant.

It occurs way less since 1990 in the u.s. As opposed to haiti.

The instance though constant in both occurs in lower numbers in the u.s. Than in haiti. tuberculosis

Weakened immune system, international connections, poverty and substance abuse; where you work or live.


Non-motile, rod-shaped bacillus, obligate aerobe, facultative intracellular parasite, slow generation time of 15–20 hours, non-spore-forming, neither gram negative nor gram positive (although it is sometimes considered gram-positive because it can stain weakly positive), cell walls contain mycolic acids, which do not hold gram stain, identified with acid-fast tests, non-encapsulated. 3

Tuberculosis is transmitted via air. Healthcare workers and visitors should wear personal protective devices such as masks and gloves when dealing with patients on the ward. 4
The most common treatment is a combination of antibiotics, usually rifampin (antimycobacterial), isoniazid (prodrug), ethambutol (bacteriostatic) and pyrazinamide (bacteriostatic), given orally over a 6- to 12-month period. 5

Each lung is covered with the visceral pleura, which lie directly on the lung tissue. Superficial to the visceral pleura is the parietal pleura, which lies against the inner surface of the ribs [pic]

Tuberculosis is difficult to treat because many strains of the bacterium have developed drug resistance. Also, the long generation time for mycobacterium tuberculosis of 15–20 hours makes it harder to treat. Patients must take a combination of antibiotics over a period of many months. Which significantly contributes to the development of drug resistant bacteria. In poor countries such as haiti...
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