Tsunami Essay

Topics: Fever, Infectious disease, Malaria Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Kampung Sungai Balang is one of the places at the east of Malaysia. Recently, Kampung Sungai Balang had been hitting by a Tsunami. Tsunami is one of the horrible natural disasters in the world history. The earthquake that caused the wave of the tsunami measures up to 9.0 on the Richter scale. In the morning, when all the people in the Kampung Sungai Balang slept, movements stated down below 10,000 feet in the epicentre. The disastrous horror that came in the form of a massive tsunami has ravaged and devastated an incredibly large area and has left many people searching for family members, a new place to live, and for the answer to the question, “What now?”. At the time when the tsunami occurs, the villagers of Kampung Sungai Balang were not aware of the terror that were bound to soon enclose them. They received no warnings of the tsunami. Unfortunately, 10 meters of the wave caught many people in surprise, as they looked dumfounded when the ocean engulfed them whole. Therefore, the tsunami created mass destruction, for it also left torn down buildings as well as disease for the people. Some of the people at the coastal areas manage to run and save their life. The moment of the tsunami stroked the village most of the villagers were doing their daily work. This phenomenon gives huge impact to all of the villagers. There were villagers that lost their family members and some of them were in trauma. The disaster had makes the villager realised that the important of the community spirit in their village. Just after the tsunami had ended, the headman of the village called the villagers to attend an emergency meeting. They discussed about how to find fund for the cost repairing the damage in their village. Beside that, they also talk about their own effort to build back the houses that destroy during the tsunami. Then, they started divided themselves for the repairing job. The headman wrote the letter to the foundation charity to ask some donation and helps for their...
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