Tsotsi Essay

Topics: Father, Meaning of life, Mother Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Tsotsi Essay
Par. 1
a. Change the questions to a thesis statement – e.g. The perception of everyone in this world is greatly affected by their environment. b. Explain the meaning of this statement in your own words. In particular, what is meant by the terms “perception and “environment.” c. Apply this ideas to the movie “Tsotsi

Par. 2
Go on and describe how Tsotsiʼs perception of the world was affected by his environment.
Par. 3
Some observations from the movie.
- Steals the car with the baby in it – must now come to terms with his past - - runs from the townships after hurting teacher. Flash from him to when he ran as a child – has been running ever since

- picks on the old man because his dad crippled his dog – wonders how the old man can go on as a cripple – Tsotsi an emotional cripple
- Miriam, the mother who makes mobiles – reminds him of his own mother - Teacher going on and on about decency – respect for yourself - baby reminds him of his own childhood – mother had aids but his father wouldnʼt let him near her - choice between living with the cruelty of his father and running away, he choose running away.

- Takes the baby to the cement culverts where he grew up – names him David after himself.
- Broken glass – pieces with no value on their own but put them together into a mobile, the show beauty and light -
- Needs money to send the teacher back to school – goes back to the rich peopleʼs house
Tsotsi wonʼt let Butcher kill the father
- Aap asks if all the wines are different – tries one and then says he prefers beer - Tsotsi sees the home that David will grow up in - shoots Butcher before he can kill the father, John Dude
- Must choose between keeping the baby for himself or returning it to his parents.
Attempts to give the Mirium money - Even though she wonʼt take it, when he asks her if he can come back, she doesnʼt say no.
- Apologizes to Teacher (Boston)
- Gives the cripple money
- Returns the baby to his...
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