Tsm 486 Homework 4

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Wheat Flour (Dry) Milling
(3) What is the primary objective of wheat flour milling?
The primary objective of wheat flour milling is to produce flour. (From Class Source)
(3) What is/are the main coproducts from flour milling?
The main coproducts from flour milling is bran, germ, and middlings. (From Class Source)
(5) Compare the tempering step for corn dry milling with wheat flour milling. Discuss
The differences or similarities in moisture added and time needed Corn Dry Milling tempering has higher moisture content and takes less than equal 2 hours to process. Proper tempering:
Initial Moisture
Moisture Added
Time Period
Wheat Flour Mill Tempering lasts from 5 hours to 24 hours. Moisture content between 15-17.5%. Bran does provide barrier to water (contrast to corn). The outer layers of endosperm appear to limit moisture uptake. Water weakens protein-starch. Temperature speeds process, but >50°C is avoided. (From Class Source)

The objectives or purposes of tempering for corn and wheat processes Wheat Flour Milling:
Toughen the bran to resist powdering
“Mellow” or soften endosperm for easier grinding.

Facilitate separation of bran and flour.
Create optimum conditions for sitting
Create optimum level of damaged starch.

Corn Dry Milling:
Differential swelling of germ and endosperm.
Germ becomes more resilient during degermination.
No movement of material out of kernel.(From Class Source)
What happens downstream in the respective processes if tempering is not done correctly? If tempering is not done correctly in CDM then the moisture content will be too high and the corn will get chewed up during the rest of the processes. There will be a loss of valuable germ which leads to lost of money. When tempering is not done properly is leads to poor separation of germ, pericarp and endosperm and the rest of the DM classifies into various streams. (From Class Source)

(5) A wheat flour miller is...
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