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“Getting your brand into the consumer's hands is a good thing. But getting your hands into your target's hands and developing a relationship in the process is even better.” Imagine you go on vacation with your family, you check into your hotel and when you go to the bathroom you see it is filled with “Body shop” products. You use the products and when you return and go to the supermarket and see a Body Shop product, you go ahead and buy it since you have used it while on vacation and thus most likely associate good memories with it. This is exactly what the concept of Tryvertising is to put very simply. Forget those wee sachets of shampoo sandwiched between the glossy pages of the magazines. Forget free samples at supermarkets. Sampling is no longer old- fashioned; it’s in with a new name, and a few new ideas thrown in, it’s the latest thing: Tryvertising. Tryvertising is all about consumers becoming familiar with new products by actually trying them out.

Think of Tryvertising as a new breed of product placement in the real world, integrating the goods and services into a consumer’s daily life in a relevant way, so that consumers can make up their minds based on their experience, not on a marketer’s message. Tryvertising is basically the development of product placement where timing plays a critical role in getting the products in to the hands of consumers and encouraging them to try it out.

Think advertising, throw in a little role reversal and what we get is the concept of tryvertising. TRYVERTISING is more about mindset than science. It’s an established marketing phenomenon in the United States and has started being practiced all across the world and in India as well. Need for Tryvertising

Mass advertising is dying. Experienced consumers couldn't care less about commercials, ads, banners and other fancy wording and imagery that is forced upon them, so its time to move on to more interesting ways of igniting conversations between corporations and consumers. Experienced consumers switch off or even get angry about the commercials, ads, banners and pop ups foisted on them. ‘Tryvertising’ is an innovative way to reach them – a cross between advertising, product promotion and marketing communication.

Tryvertising includes obvious activities like handing out product samples, and more subtle, product placements that are part of an experience or solution. It's everything from new-style sachets containing single servings of liquid products, to hotels partnering with luxury carmakers to offer high end model test drives to guests during their stay. Handing out product samples is nothing new in creating an experience or solution - free shampoo sales promotion samples in magazines, or a Promotion of sales stand in a supermarket. But the problem has always been relevance in hitting the right target and actually making them use the product. The strategy should be something like this. Give your target a product sample when they are most likely to try it, and associate unforgettable memories to the experience. Lets take for example you receive a shampoo sachet sample at your home with say your newspaper, how many of you are actually going to use it, moreover even if you’ll do use it how many of you’ll are going to switch over to that brand and get rid of the shampoo you are already using. Hardly any of you’ll. Why does this happen? It’s because you received it at your house where there tend to be established brand favorites already in place. Thus the value of the product reduces. If you already have a bathroom overflowing with products a new sample sachet of shampoo is most likely not going to find a place there. Also sometimes what happens is that product samples are received at the wrong place at the wrong time. For instance, if you walk into a bar and are handed out a razor sample, then most likely the razor wont even be carried back home with you. Thus the key lies in giving your target a...
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