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Trying to Find Chinatown

By betty1026 Mar 20, 2013 267 Words
20th March, 2013
“Trying to Find China Town”
For Analysis
1. Benjamin is revealed his ethnic towards becoming a Chinese and how they look and define as a Chinese. Benjamin thinks he knows more because of his knowledge about the history, although he is a Chinese-American. But Ronnie argued he is a Chinese because his skin tone. They both are arguing different things. 2. Benjamin considers himself as Chinese is because he is a Caucasian Asian American and he knows the cultural heritage of Chinese, his identity. But as Ronnie, he just knows a little bit heritages of Chinese and even mixed up with African and European elements. 3. For the second-to-last stage direction, Hwang wants the audience to think about the contradiction between the characters. Actually they both are the same, Chinese, but they did not have the same view. The racial identity should not based on skin tone but connections between culture. For Writing

1. The writer, Hwang, wrote that the ways of speaking are different. Ronnie is more impulsive and exaggerate, like “Oh, Jesus”. Benjamin is more gentle and nice to Ronnie. He talked with him in a pleasant way instead of rude answering. 2. The characters both disagree about the importance of ethnic heritage to identity. In my opinion, both of them should not judge the other about what their race is. It is because skin tone does not represent one’s cultural. People could not understand what their background is. As the writer wrote, it is important to have the same connection in the same race.

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