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What does The Princess Bride say about Truth?
November 18, 2013
The truth I discovered in The Princess Bride, by William Goldman, was based on love. The truth was a reality that many choose not to fulfill or live out, because of possibly discovering something new or different from what one was familiar to. William Goldman ends the book with a few strong sentences about love, and that “life is not fair, it’s just fairer than death” (358). And I saw truth in that sentence, because he was accepting the truth in life for what it was, and what it may be for many people. The truth to love and life is not a fairytale, or a story with a happy ending, but is based on accepting what is real and honest. After reading the story of the Princess Bride, I could not stop myself from wondering if love is worth dying for? The truth is for some it is worth dying for, and for Westley, Buttercup was worth the battle. She scorned him, and at times degraded him, but when she listened the truth came out of him. There was some time before she asked him how he felt, but Westley said, “I love you” and she was hit with reality. His words to her were about love, he loved her, and he was her slave and does anything for her. I believe all he wanted is for buttercup to acknowledge his words, his truth, and his presence aside from the “farm-boy” (64). Another point that I discovered in the story was that he did want to love her, but he was in fear of losing her. Fear is what keeps many people from chasing what they want or desire, and he had to confront his fears. He possibly feared her reaction because he could have been rejected, or humiliated. There was the fear of disappointment, what if he loses her, instead keeping his feelings secret? Westley’s honesty inspired her to be honest with him, and the fear was gone. She confesses she would always love him, she would never love anyone else, and she would love him until she dies. Although she was marrying Prince Humperdinck, she knew...
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