Truth in Media

Topics: Pornography, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse Pages: 9 (3189 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Truth in Media-Pornography
Krystal Knafel-Heister
Liberty University

Truth in Media-Pornography
Since the days of ancient people many preserved rock paintings and elements of art, which depicts a sexual act between a man and a woman, are not uncommon images and homosexual, as well as group acts. The well-known ancient Kama Sutra book is filled with all too far from chaste designs. Examples abound. You say, but it's not pornography, it's just drawings of, and we are stuffed with the most detailed photographs and video footage. Well, the ancient Egyptians, for example, did not have the technical means for the production of pornography, all that they could have - to draw. And if they were, say, a camera and a camera, as you think, would remove?

The fact that the ancient pagan people sex life was not something like taboo or something dirty. Yes, even the most deeply intimate was not considered. Also, as homosexuality is not perceived as a deviation from the norm. Any interest in sexual relations manifested solely for informative purposes and self-improvement in this area. So the phenomenon of pornography in our ancient ancestors did not make sense, because it just aims to show people something shocking and taboo.

Over time, the development of civilization, the advent of Christianity, much has changed. According to generally accepted standards of intimate relationships are recognized solely between spouses, of course sexes. According to a particularly strict religious laws in general intercourse is permitted only for the purpose of conceiving children, and while it is still sinful. Even in this age of progressive interest in sex is not always is welcomed, and savvy in this issue people are considered loose.

In every man there are instincts ancient ancestors. Subconsciously, we are still experiencing all the same desires as if we do not disable the religion and society. There is a very strong contradiction between the accepted norm and the first-born instincts of the person to whom sex is necessary. Though one partner of the opposite sex, even with a partner of the same sex, but maybe not one, there's someone like a fantasy and want permit.

It is because of this contradiction, and there is such a thing as pornography. The fact, that someone wins instincts, and someone - religious and social beliefs. Both, of course, extreme bump in that should not be. First make and watch pornography, the second - feel a sense of disgust for her, as well as trying to deal with pornography. If sex was perceived by people as perfectly natural, inherent to any healthy person phenomenon, if for so many years, it has not brought up disgust is such a thing as pornography in general would lose all meaning.

The development of the Internet has contributed to the spread of porn on the scale for the reason that there is almost unlimited audience, and to check and interfere with its network in this extremely difficult. It should also be noted that the producers of pornography absolutely not intended to shock you or corrupt. They do not care if someone "obscene" pictures cause negative emotions. Their activities are directed exclusively to cash income, and the success of this activity due to the existence of the very contradictions emerging in us for centuries.

In many articles about porn now we can find many advice, unclear questions, and critics on this theme; it is very popular issue in our times. Caroline Kylstra says us about 7 things we didn’t know about porn. The interesting thing in this article that: ‘A Harvard study found that Utah had the most online porn subscriptions per every 1,000 broadband users’. A study conducted Sosmo in several European countries and the U.S., found: 96% of the study participants occasionally roam the porn sites in search of new sensations. And 67% do so regularly, at least once a month. Caroline Kylstra is making accent that ‘All — literally all — men watch it’. In the article by Henderson, K. we...
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