Truth Hurts

Topics: Lie, Debut albums, Concept Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: September 21, 2009
Most people view the truth as being one of the most fundamental building blocks of any relationship. However, there are certain instances, where the truth might be a difficult thing to disclose to someone. Truth has the power to either set one free, or destroy a friendship, relationship, and especially trust. Trust, in terms of the truth, is what either holds something together or tears it apart. As with all chances, there are both good consequences and bad consequences with telling the truth, however when it comes down to it, revealing the truth to others is far more important than keeping it from them. In today’s world, it appears that it is much easier to lie, rather than to tell the truth. Ever since childhood, the concept of lying has been subconsciously taught to us. Not major lies that could possibly cause great damage, but smaller ones to get by on. As a child, many like to answer the phone. There are many times when you answer the phone and someone asks for your parents, although a child simply asks who it is and hands the phone to them. There are those day though, when you ask who it is, and your parents tell you to tell the person that they are either not available or not home yet. Thus subconsciously reinforcing that it is acceptable to lie occasionally. There was another instance that I had faced within my life. Not my own experience, but one of my best friend’s experiences. My best friend loved to smoke, however, he has just gotten a girlfriend. He had told me that they were together and that he could see being with that girl for a long time. The only way that she said that she would be his girlfriend was if he stopped smoking, because it was one of things in a boyfriend that she could not tolerate. So he said that he would man up and change his smoking habit for her. After a couple months into their relationship I started to notice that he had started smoking again. And then one day I confronted him about it, asking him if his girlfriend...
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