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By mrgreaser13 May 15, 2013 280 Words
Cover Letter

Fitness and Nutrition are to factors by which drive my ambition to this day. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Today I am more physically and mentally stabilized, with a better self-esteem, optimistic, with the right state of mind and well-disciplined all thanks to P90X and INSANITY. Before my transformation with these programs, I had always been a depressed guy, self-conscious about my looks. But the day came when it all changed. I wrote about these two fitness programs due to the fact that they are better known as “Life Changers.” Individuals all over America are searching for ways to better themselves physically and I believe that these two programs are the key. P90X and INSANITY deliver promising results and deserve recognition for such promises.

Our government has been lying and betraying our fellow citizens since the dawn of the United States. But the biggest lie they have hit us with is the 1969 Moon Landing. In other words, IT NEVER HAPPENED. There are enormous amounts of evidence that proves that it was all a hoax. It seems to me that all of the historical event that has happened in America have either been planned, hoaxed, or misunderstood. And the Moon Landing fits all 3 categories. It’s amazing how our own government can lie about such an event(sarcasm). I wrote about this event due to the fact that people still believe we actually did land on the moon when in reality, we never did. The truth needs to be out, and the government needs to speak the truth, but they never will and that’s why I’m speaking it for them.

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