Trust Factor in the Health Care System

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Alternative medicine Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Deborah Bennett
HLT 205
Michael Rothrock
Trust Factor in the Health care system
In this paper we will discuss the aspects of trust within the health care system in the United States, why it is important to promote, the beneficial results, as well as, some past failures that hindered trust by the public, in this system. Importance of Trust

A key ingredient in the patient/ health care sector relationship is that of trust. If trust for the Health care providers is established, greater are the chances for a positive and strong relationship in which promotes compliance and therapeutic success (A van den Brink-Muinen & Rijken, 2006). Within the issue of trustworthiness one must be considered, and proven, worthy of another‘s confidence thus promoting trust in clients of multi-ethnic and racial backgrounds, as well as chronically ill, which are more vulnerable in this area, thus the need is even more paramount, so that they will be more inclined to seek medical care; on top of which, this interaction can have generational consequences (cook, Kosko-Lasaki & O’Brien, 2009). Whereas if distrust in the health care system prevails, which in the past few years has been increasing, due to limitless information now available educating society to the newest technologies as well as reports of doctor and/or hospital errors, being possible reasons for the level of trust to decrease, which in turn can cause problems in: doctor-patient interaction, an increase in patients requesting more 2nd opinions, as well as, patients turning to complementary and alternative medicine (A van den Brink-Muinen & Rijken, 2006). Benefits of a Trusting Public

When there has been established, a trusting relationship between a population and the health care system that serves them, the benefits that are reaped, are a more open line of communication, increase in wellness of the community with faster healing and timely care, as...

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