trust Exploitation

Topics: Cryptography, Transport Layer Security, Internet Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Malware can consist of worms, viruses, and Trojan horses that are intended to do harm to a system. There are several ways that malware can do harm to a persons system, it can be something minimal as adware or something a big as complete key-logging. Some ways to harden security against these risks are having a firewall on the OUTSIDE of the network, virus and malware scanners, a good backup and recovery plan, ensuring the security and encryption are to the needs of the individual or organization, and making sure all user are trained properly on how to use the system and what to look for in a possible attack on the users end. Brute force attack can be another threat. In this kind of attack the bad guy will try to gain access to the system by breaking the password, the attacker will likely have the username to log into the system and he needs to do now break the password to gain access. Some step that can be taken to prevent brute-force attacks are enforcing random passwords, SSH, only allowing a certain range of IP addresses, or even using third-party software such as Fail2ban that will permanently block IP addresses that have tried a brute-force attack. TSL, transport layer security is a protocol that provides data encryption and authentication between applications and servers in scenarios where the data is being sent across an unsecure network. TSL and SSL, secure socket layer, are both a protocol that provide encryption and authentication. You would use TSL is a by protocol connection where the program will connect in an unsecure way and then after connection, use special commands to enable encryption. SSL is a by port connection. Both are SSL and TSL are secure and encrypts your data as it is sent across the internet. Works Cited Kadi, A. I. (2011, August 16). Retrieved from Top 10 tips to secure your email serverVircom http// Microsoft. (2008, August 18). TechNet. Retrieved from Strategies...
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