Trust: Employment and Caring Loving Way

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“The value of trust”
ORLM 220

What is trust? Why is it so important in the workplace? Trust a way of communicating to a person faithful in a caring loving way. In this article it talks about why trust is a big issue in the workplace, and how can an organization tells if they can trust you with not necessary taking you word as a guarantee. With this you will learn that trust plays a major part on building a good relationship between employer and employee at the work place. I think the author’s philosophy was that if you don’t have trust in your co-workers or vice versa then it is more likely that you will establish a bad attitude toward your co-workers ‘or workplace in general. The author also talks about how to fix the problem of lack of trust in the workplace. Do be aware that it not always 100 percent guarantee that every trust issue is a piece cake to solve. There is some situation where there is nothing you can do about it, and you just left with no choice but to leave it unsolved. I think the authors article did a good you of pinning out some of the key importance facts of trust, but I think that the author could’ve went more in depth with this. When it come to trust yes these are some of the most effective ways to solve it, there is also other key points, such as your productivity, attitude, behavior, and so far and so far.

The major point that the author was pointing out is how trust help build a healthy relationship in a workplace. The author also pointed out three effective ways to begin a path for trust. The first is to establish effective communications. The second step is to establish real understanding. The third step is to establish mutual respect. Having all three of these put you on the right path to having trust between one and another. I also think that the author could have gone more into detail about these three steps. Explaining what they are, and giving ways how one step affect the others. I also think that the author...

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