Truss Bridge Analysis

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Common types of Trusses

1- Warren Truss


A warren truss consists of alternatively inverted equilateral triangles which are rigid. It is made up of horizontal members and equal angled cross-members that are of equal lengths. It was created by James Warren and Willoughby Theobald Monzani in 1848. This design requires fewer amounts of materials compared to other types of trusses, therefore lightweight, easy to build, great view and is economical. The members are stressed by compression and tension during the application of a live load. It is easy to repair and maintain. An example of a Warren Truss bridge is the-----------

2- Warren Deck Truss


This type of truss is similar to the Warren truss but the difference is that the structure is below the roadway. So it requires a few amounts of materials, is light weight, easy to build, usually build offsite therefore quick to build, better more open view o n top and is also economical. The top part of the truss is in compression were as the bottom part is in tension. The interior members alternate between tension and compression to keep a stable structure. This type was first built after the design of deck bridges around 1800.

3- Pratt Truss


The Pratt Truss was first developed by Thomas and Celeb Pratt in 1844. You can identify a Pratt truss by its diagonal members, which (except for the very end ones) all slant down and in toward the center of the span. The diagonal members are subjected to the tension forces and the vertical members handle the compressive force when a live load is applied at the center of...
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