Truearth Pizza

Topics: Marketing, Competitor analysis, New product development Pages: 4 (1095 words) Published: October 25, 2010
TruEarth Healthy Foods:
Fresh Whole Grain Pizza


TruEarth, maker of gourmet pastas, sauces and meal faced the moment of TRUTH. Identifying the market trend, customers’ needs and wants via extensive market research and recognizing the plan to launch new product line of fresh whole grain pizza by Rigazzi, one of its direct competitors, TruEarth is at the point of making a critical business decision. “TO LAUNCH or NOT TO LAUNCH?” That is the question.

1.Consumer Views On Pizza
Despite some differences between different product categories, namely takeout, refrigerated and TruEarth pizzas, consumers generally consider pizza as a family treat which they can conveniently access and easily prepare. However, in terms of convenience, takeout pizza scored the highest due to its competitive advantage in terms of accessibility and preparedness. As for the taste, consumers rated takeout pizza the highest both in its freshness and variety of choices. As for the quality attributes, both takeout and TruEarth pizza scored high for the quality of ingredients, while TruEarth pizza marked the highest for healthy ingredients, which might have resulted from the 'healthy’ brand image of TruEarth, as well as the brand's core value to use 'top-of-the quality' and 'healthy- conscious' ingredients. The data also shows that 17 % of consumers are willing to change their purchase behaviour when TruEarth pizza is launched, however, restaurants and home-made pizza consumers are less likely to switch to TruEarth Pizza. In conclusion, if TruEarth were to launch pizza, it has to improve its accessibility, user-friendliness (easy-to-prepare), freshness while maintaining price competitiveness against its more-direct competitors, namely take-out or delivered, refrigerated and frozen pizzas in order to win consumers’ heart and mind as well as to sustain its competitive advantage. 2.Consumer Concept Comparison Between Pizza and Pasta

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