True Move Analysis

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Vision of True is to become a provider of customer-focused total communications solutions. True is the only telecommunication company existing in Thailand that provides customers with full range of fixed-line, wireless, Internet Broadband and constant products and services.


Mission of True is to bring knowledge, information, entertainment and the ability to access each others’ values to every household and youth of Thailand. And also it is to create value for our organization, employees and share holders.


True Corporation Public Company Limited is the most integrated communications solutions provider in Thailand. It is one of the nation’s strongest brands. True expands the business from being a fixed-line provider to a total communication solutions provider. Providing with various communication networks such as fixed-line, voice, video and data service solutions, consumer broadband Internet and pay-TV service, True is a largest provider of fixed-line in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area (BMA), the largest Internet provider and the largest online game provider throughout Thailand.

True was first found in November 1990 as TelecomAsia Corporation Company Limited. The former symbol was TA for the stock exchange of Thailand and changed to the symbol TRUE in April 2004, after rebranding under the name of “True”.

True received its first revenue from operations in November 1992. True provides fixed-line phone services under a build-transfer-operate (BTO) concession with TOT Corporation Public Company Limited to build, install, jointly operate and maintain a 2.6 million wire line network in BMA within 25 years, ending in October 2017.

True launched WE PCT service in 1999, hi-speed data transmission service including ADSL and cabal modem in 2001, and Wi-Fi service in 2003 and after receiving the licenses from the NTC, True launched International Internet gateway service and soft-launched international direct dialing service.

In October 2001, True acquired 41.1% equity interest in Bangkok Inter Teletech Public Company Limited (BITCO) (parent company of TA orange) and expanded business into mobile sector. TA Orange’s mobile telecommunication service was launched in March 2002 and rebranded as TrueMove at the beginning of 2006. Gradually increasing the share holdings of BITCO, True owned 93.4% at the end of 2006. But in December 2007, a right offering of BITCO to CP left True’s shareholding in BITCO with 75.3%.

In January 2006, True purchased shares in pay-TV operator UBC from MIH in tender offer for UBC shares held by the public and owned 91.8% of UBC. It was an effective holding and UBC’s results were fully consolidated by True from the first quarter of 2006. UBC was rebranded as TrueVisions at the beginning of 2007.

TrueVisions operates as a pay-TV service under 25 years concession contract with the Mass Communications Organization of Thailand, which will be due on September 30 2014, for service via satellite and on December 31 2019, for service via cable.

From 2005 to 2007 True received license from NTC to provide Internet service, Internet service via telephone (VoIP), public-phone service, fixed-line phone service, International direct dialing service and International gateway service. True was also granted one year license as trail for International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) and International Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network and six months trail license for WiMax.

Currently, True operates in five core business namely: 1) Mobile phone business under the name of TrueMove (former TA Orange), 2) Online business under TrueOnline consisting of fixed-line phone service and it’s value-added services, business data services, Internet and broadband services and WE PCT (Personal Communication Telephone), 3) Pay-TV business under the name of TrueVisions (formerly UBC), 4) Digital commerce business under TrueMoney, 5) Digital content business...
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