"True Lies" from the Good, the Bad, and Your Business

Topics: Lie, Leadership, Business Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: February 22, 2010
In the chapter, “True Lies” taken from Jeffrey Seglin’s book, The Good, the Bad, and Your Business, the author states that that there are consequences to lying. Throughout this chapter, the author also speaks about the differences between lying and posturing, and how people distinguish the fine line between them. The author gives the opinion of several professionals and their views on the issue of lying. This opinion is that lying has serious consequences that are difficult to undo. One such consequence is destroying relationships for personal gain. Seglin talks about lying which occurs at different levels in a nation. It can be at a political level, a business level, and even at a classroom level. All the cases seem to imply that lying is simply a way to get through any day for everyone. However, those who lie, especially those in a position of leadership, need to know that their actions have a tremendous impact on others. Another perspective the author discusses is that it is not sensible to tell every minute detail of the truth on a daily basis; discretion is sometimes needed. Like was said earlier, telling the truth can be challenging. However, since lying can become a habit, the test for business people is to not become someone who constantly lives a lie. Another theory Seglin discusses is the various degrees of lying. From the point of view of two businessmen, it seems that lying is a must for anyone starting their own business without either capital or experience. The author disagrees with this but does argue that there is a qualitative difference between posturing and lying. Posturing is being positive, passionate, and assertive. Lying is being manipulative, dishonest, and usually doing things for personal gain. Posturing has been around for ages, for example through bargaining. Neither party is completely honest about his terms or prices; however neither is acting without integrity. There are various forms of posturing. Most of the posturing...
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