True Blood vs. Twilight

Topics: Stephenie Meyer, Bella Swan, Twilight Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: January 11, 2011
Jessie Duncan
English 101
Mrs. Booher
1 October 2010

Twilight vs. True Blood
The year 2008 saw the book-to-screen translation of two human/vampire love stories: Twilight and True Blood. True Blood, a television show on HBO, is a single volume of the book series Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. Twilight is an adaptation of the book series by Stephanie Meyer that has transformed into multiple motion pictures. Twilight is set in Forks, Washington where vampires are merely a myth to humans, and True Blood is set in the fictional town Bon Temps, Louisiana, where vampires have come out of hiding to try and cohabitate themselves into human society because of the invention of synthetic blood. When considering the legend and lore of vampires, the characters, and the actual production value of the story, True Blood and the Twilight series run as two dynamically opposite tales.

The mythology of vampires puts forth the notion of the undead and their supernatural abilities. True Blood respects the original vampire culture by never straying too far from it’s familiar conventions, such as having fangs, requiring blood for nutrients, burning when exposed to sunlight or silver, and having the ability to fly. As for the under-played Twilight version, the mocking ability of a vampire’s skin sparkling when they step into the sun is almost as threatening as “My Little Pony”, and taking away the monstrous quality of having fangs completely destroys the classic horror theme. Another over-dramatic trait of Twilight’s vampires is that they do not require sleep, yet they have an immeasurable amount of strength. True Blood holds the more logical approach that vampires must rest during the day or else they will get weak and develop a condition known as “the bleeds,” where they bleed out of the orifices of their face. Besides the physical characteristics, Twilight has stunted the belief that vampires are an “equal race”, by giving each of their characters a different...
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