True Beauty

Topics: Beauty, Body shape, Female body shape Pages: 5 (1794 words) Published: August 18, 2010
All of us are more obsessed with our own appearance more than we are willing to admit. Without realizing, we may stand before the mirror arranging our hair, applying makeup, or merely just a glaze a few seconds before we go out every day. Beauty is all around us. We are bombarded with model search like American Next Top Model and beauty contests like Miss Universe, as well as fashion magazine People, Cleo, and Cosmopolitan, all trying to answer the question "What is the meaning of beauty?”. Beauty is a quality or features that provide a perceptual experience of pleasure, telling or gratifying. The ideal of the perfect body image can be varies across culture, changes overtime and also impacted by racism, class prejudice, and albinism. Although it doesn't have a fixed range of ideal perfect body image, it leaves remarkable effects on women over the centuries. (Beast retrieved from on June.30.2010)

According to the beauty industry, age is the centre of concern for women. As we grow with ages, the function of both individual cells and organ systems change simultaneously which leave multidimensional effects on psychological, culture, physical and social levels. The most obvious evidence of aging is physical changes. The skin can become dehydrated, inelastic and sagging, causes skin folds and wrinkle; Decreasing number of nephron in kidneys causes slowdown in excretory system; Farsighted due to presbyopia-the hardening of the lens; (Retrieved from on June.30.2010) Aging get so important to the society that Australia and United State both have their own National Aging Institute to investigate study of gerontology. Likewise in the movie "Sex and the city 2", Samantha in her fifties who is undergoing menopause taking 44 supplements each intake to trick her body to become younger. During getaway to Abu Dhabi, her hormonal and beautification drugs are confiscated under UAE law and unable to retrieve them after several unsatisfied complaints. This portrayed woman is willing to do anything for their beauty, as the young looks beautiful and the old looks ugly.

Beauty can cause emotional wounds can when event such as jealousy of beauty, unable to achieve ideal beauty which can lead to breakup, divorce, argument with love ones, and the feel of loneliness when the fear of losing your love ones arises. Constant feel of hunger or strive for beauty to match others, can resulting in difficulty on concentration in what we do in daily lives, confuse about what they lack and why would unfair things happen to them, and even reduced cognitive capacity . Confidence is greatly reduced due to the fact that their beauty is no match to the competitors. This situation is similar to Charlotte as she is worried about her husband Harry, who is attracted to their bra-less nanny, Erin (Alice Eve) a buxom nanny who never wears a bra and is frequently ogled by men and women alike for her large breasts. (Sex and they City 2 retrieved from on June.30.2010) As charlotte was on the plane going to Abu Dhabi, she came across a magazine called “Cheating with the Nanny” and this is where it all started. On the whole flight charlotte lock herself in her cabin and kept reading the magazine until they gotten off the plane in Abu Dhabi and while going for a desert picnic, charlotte was only concentrating on calling her husband and fell from the camel when she was so relieve to hear her husband’s voice for a long agonizing tries of phone calls. On the second night in Abu Dhabi, Charlotte confront with Miranda and talk about how depress she is, she is extremely insecure in her marriage and fear of losing her husband to a nanny.

Love can be described as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person and romance is an ardent emotional attachment or involvement...

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