True Beauty

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True Beauty

Most people would perceive beauty as something that attracts the eye. People's mind shine at the thought of fair white skin, flawless face and skin, shiny hair, perfectly shaped eyebrows and, etc. They read every magazine that basically tells them to morph themselves into perfect human beings, magazines that tell them to lose weight, to attain a fair skin and basically to acquire impeccability. Truth is society tells us their definition of beauty and we being vulnerable, as to yearning to fit in, comply with what they tell us to do, in hopes to live up to the kind of beauty, they believe to be. So, we can be accepted, get more attention and, be loved by everyone.

We were all created differently and uniquely. We are who we are, we don't have to change just because some people don't like something or a part of us. The thing is, that's what makes us who we are. If we happen to have dark skin, if we happen to be fat, if we happen to have hairy skin, then that defines us, who we are on the OUTSIDE. If they don't like it, it doesn't mean that you have to, too. We cannot live our lives trying to become something else, attaining to be the person they want you to be and endeavoring to live up to their ideal of beauty.

If we do with what they tell us to do we will never be happy because you know what? We're always going to try to live up to their expectations, they're always going to want more and expect more and, then eventually we see ourselves wanting the same thing. In order to please everyone, be complimented by everybody, and be accepted for changing ourselves. We don't have to become the person we aren't created to be, we just have to accept who we are, what we are fabricated to be. Because if you see yourself as who you are, if you are contented with what God gave you, and if you accept yourself flaws and all, it shows and it radiates on the outside and, that's true beauty.

Embrace your flaws. Love yourself. Don't try to fit in. Stop...
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