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SWOT analysis aims to identify the key internal and external factors seen as important to achieving an objective. SWOT analysis groups key pieces of information into two main categories: internal factors – the strengths and weaknesses internal to the organization external factors – the opportunities and threats presented by the environment external to the organization Analysis may view the internal factors as strengths or as weaknesses depending upon their effect on the organization's objectives. What may represent strengths with respect to one objective may be weaknesses (distractions, competition) for another objective. The factors may include all of the 4Ps; as well as personnel, finance, manufacturing capabilities, and so on. The external factors may include macroeconomic matters, technological change, legislation, and sociocultural changes, as well as changes in the marketplace or in competitive position. The results are often presented in the form of a matrix. It is prudent not to eliminate any candidate SWOT entry too quickly. The importance of individual SWOTs will be revealed by the value of the strategies they generate. A SWOT item that produces valuable strategies is important. A SWOT item that generates no strategies is not important. When to use SWOT[ HYPERLINK "§ion=13" \o "Edit section: When to use SWOT" edit] The use of a SWOT analysis by a community organization are as follows: to organize information, provide insight into barriers[14] that may be present while engaging in social change processes, and identify strengths available that can be activated to counteract these barriers. A SWOT analysis can be used to:

Explore new solutions to problems [10]Identify barriers that will limit goals/objectives [10]Decide on direction that will be most effective [10]Reveal possibilities and limitations for change[10]To revise plans to best navigate systems, communities, and organizations As a brainstorming and recording device as a means of communication[14]To enhance “credibility of interpretation” to be utilized in presentation to leaders or key supporters.[11]Strengths and Weaknesses: These are the internal factors within an organization. Human resources [10]Finances

Internal advantages/disadvantages of the Organization [10]Physical resources [10]Experiences including what has worked or has not worked in the past Opportunities and Threats: These are external factors stemming from community or societal forces. Trends (new research)

Society’s cultural, political, and economic ideology[citation needed] Funding sources [10]Current events [10]Societal oppression [10]Strengths and Weaknesses, are 'mapped' or 'graphed' against Opportunities and Threats. To enable this to happen cleanly and clearly, and from a logical point of view anyway when completing a SWOT analysis in most business and marketing situations, Strengths and Weaknesses are regarded distinctly as internal factors, whereas Opportunities and Threats are regarded distinctly as external factors. Here is the explanation in more detail:

Strengths andWeaknessesthe internal environment - the situationinside the company or organization for example, factors relating to products, pricing, costs, profitability, performance, quality, people, skills, adaptability, brands, services, reputation, processes, infrastructure, etc. factors tend to be in the present  Opportunities andThreatsthe external environment - the situationoutside the company or organization for example, factors relating to markets, sectors, audience, fashion, seasonality, trends, competition, economics, politics, society, culture, technology, environmental, media, law, etc. factors tend to be in the future   strengths (internal) weaknesses (internal)

opportunities(external) strengths/opportunitiesobvious natural priorities Likely to produce greatest ROI (Return On Investment)
Likely to be quickest and easiest to...
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