Truck Driving Woman

Topics: Semi-trailer truck, Truck driver, Truck Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: June 22, 2013
I was twenty three years old when I became an over-the-road truck driver. There were very

Few women in that field in 1982. Truck drivers were expected to be men, even the other drivers

Would look twice because they could not believe what they were seeing. A woman driving a

Truck, what is happening in this country? The older drivers were the worst, they were still stuck

In the fifties and believed women needed to be at home. Driving an eighteen wheeler, getting to

see the country, freedom of the road without a boss standing over you, and being paid for it was

awesome. I was young and felt like the road and the world was mine, no one could have told me

any different.
Learning to drive a truck was fun, going cross country, at that time I was driving from McAllen, Texas to Chicago Illinois. I went two different routes which went through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois. Seeing the country from way up high in the truck was wonderful. The scenery changed quite often from tropical in south Texas , hills in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri, Illinois was for the most part flat at least on the interstate I drove on. I stayed on that route carrying Zenith products for about one and a half years. Coast to coast from California to Florida came next with a different trucking company. I believe Texas would never end going east to west it never seemed to stop El Paso to Houston across Interstate 10 went on for over nine hundred miles, state line to state line. I loved Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia the people were so nice, but it was always better to not ask for directions they would give you land marks example; like take a left at Toms farm and turn right at the old pecan Planation, they seemed to think you knew who they were talking about. It was a wonderful experience. The only problem was you rarely had time to stop and enjoy it. Driving a truck is freedom. The freedom of not having a boss right there, a check call was...
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