Truck Delivery System

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Chapter I


Technology has brought so many changes in our lives. Inventions of machines and other equipments have helped us to do our job efficiently in a most convenient way. Computerized systems have contributed a lot in the field of business industry. Computerized systems are one of the reasons why business transactions are done quickly and in a productive way. For a business to stay competitive in the field it belongs to, it is very important to be aware and updated on every new technology. Existing systems are being studied and enhanced to eliminate errors and improve the performance of the existing ones. The proponent provided a Truck Delivery System for Landbase Transport Corporation. The proposed system gave the complete list of all the trucks to transport the ordered materials. Through that, the person in charge for assigning trucks to transport the ordered materials to their client’s customers can easily determine which truck is available on the desired date of delivery. In case no trucks available, the personnel can easily check and track, which truck, will arrive first. This will result to a faster and convenient way of serving Landbase transport Corporation’s clients. It helped the company to remain competitive against other companies.

Company Profile

Mr. Augusto L. Canlas founded Landbase Transport Corporation in year 1996. its office and the garage are located at Barangay San Ramon, Dinalupihan,Bataan. Landbase Transport Corporation delivers building materials to their clients in Central Luzon provinces and cities. Their main objective is to deliver building materials in a fast way and to deliver it with a complete material. Instances, a lot of trucking company is growing and Landbase Transport Corporation wants to progress their service to their clients. Landbase transport Corporation principal clients are: PETROCORP, National Food Authority, Asean Terminal Incorporated, SWIPE Agricultural Products, PLANTERS Products and John Holland Concrete Company, SBEZ. They have seventeen (17) trucks and drivers. Together with the driver are the helpers. All in all they have thirty-four helpers that stays on the garage to maintain the trucks for a better and safe trip.

Context of the Study

Landbase Transport Corporation is concerned in delivering building materials like sand, gravel, concrete, flat glass, etc. The study is about improving the service of Landbase Transport Corporation to their clients through the implementation of proposed system that is the Truck Delivery System (TDS). Their productivity rate becomes lesser because of ineffective booking system being used in their business. Because of their existing system, time is wasted in scheduling a truck to deliver the ordered products of their clients. More time is consumed on checking if there’s an available truck to transport customer’s order. There are times that orders are delivered late. The customers themselves cancelled the trip. For that reason, clients find their service inconvenient because it keeps them waiting. If this problem remains they will lose customers and it will decrease their income. It will also lessen the competence of the company. Since our study is about improving the client’s service of Landbase Transport Corporation, the proponents studied the different aspects of the company's present system. We decided to enhance the system, because based in our study; the reason why their customers are dissatisfied is the use of the manual system. (See figure 1.0 on page 30)

The study intended to solve their present problems. A computerized Truck Delivery System (TDS) will positively raise Landbase Transport Corporation's productivity and customer satisfaction. Setting up of orders by customers is done quickly. Handling of orders to client is on time. As a result, they’ll get more customers and it will increase their profit. Their...

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