Troy Movie and Illiad Compare and Contrast

Topics: Trojan War, Greek mythology, Iliad Pages: 3 (1140 words) Published: September 6, 2010
In English class we read Edith Hamilton’s synopsis of the Trojan War, and after reading, we watched the Warner Brothers 2004 Production of Troy. The movie and the myth were both based on the Trojan War. They were both very interesting, and captivating. It was stimulating to see it in 2 different points of views. Both the movie and the myth of Troy were great. They had similarities, but there were also some very strong differences.

In Edith Hamilton’s Synopsis of the Trojan War, it focused on many of the gods of Olympus. For example, in the synopsis, conversations between the gods happen from time to time, while in the movie they don’t. Both the myth and the movie were of great quality. I liked the myth and the movie, but I personally liked the 2004 movie production version of the Trojan War, better than the myth, for a few reasons. Even though I liked the movie better, the movie also had some weaknesses.

I thought that the war itself was cut a little too short compared to the actual time span in which the war took place. The movie concentrated on more of the less important details to entertain. I thought that the original myth was altered a great amount for the convenience of the movie production. I also thought that because it was altered to entertain, it increased the amount of fictional scenes, while adding more romance and drama to the movie. These scenes were a negative when compared with the actual myth, but it was a positive for the entertainment perspective. It was positive to the entertainment side because those scenes were needed to boost the number of viewers. This was also the reason I liked the movie better than the myth. I liked the myth better for one reason though. That reason was because it was more informative and you had to use your imagination and read in between the lines to understand the myth thoroughly.

One thing that I did not like about the myth was that it was so complicated. With all the names and people to remember, it was hard...
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